WELCOME TO SAMSON PAINTS Samson Paints, a proudly South Africa water based paint range, offering premium quality specialist waterproofing and preparatory products as well as superior decorative coatings and roof paints.

Who We Are

Samson Paints offers a unique range of water based products that covers foundation to finish application in the construction, retail and DIY markets. Top quality, premium finish paints and waterproofing agents manufactured locally in KwaZulu Natal.

Samson Paints are produced in accordance with ISO9001 standards and are backed by our quality guarantee.

Samson Paints are manufactured by a South African based company with an extensive specialist expertise in water-based coatings for the decorative market.  Our paints are based on state-of-the-art global technology which has also been successfully utilised by some of the biggest names in the paint industry.

Our service is aimed at meeting your specific requirements and our products enable a perfect balance of quality, specification and budget.

Technologically advanced research and development facilities ensure that we are continuously improving formulations and developing tailor made, novel solutions, in a dynamic industry which demands added value.  Our products have undergone extensive testing against market standards and benchmarks and have proven highly competitive.

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