Samson SB29 is a synthetic liquid latex based admixture for cement mortars and concretes that greatly improves adhesion to many substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles. SB29 improves strength, flexibility and water/moisture resistance of plaster and mortar mixes.

Colours: Clear
Package: 1L, 5L and 20L Jerry Cans


Product Uses

  • Interior and exterior water resistant rendering.
  • Damp-resistant layers
  • Levelling floors prior to laying tiles, wood blocks etc.
  • Water- Resistant adhesives for tiles, glass, steel etc.
  • Water – Resistant additive for tile adhesives and groutings.
  • Corrosion protection of steel reinforcing rods in concrete and steel structures.
  • Waterproofing flat roofing and balconies.
  • Patching and repairing concreted areas.
  • Industrial flooring and screeding
  • Flooring for areas where improved chemical resistance is required. eg dairies, factories.
  • Lining of effluent ducts, canals, tunnels etc
  • Screeds for bathrooms and showers.
  • Nosing for stairs indoors/outdoors


  • Greatly improves adhesion to many substrates including dense concrete, glass, steel, tiles etc
  • Imparts excellent resistance to water and water vapour.
  • Thinner sections of mixes may be applied. • Much improved flexibility.
  • Resistance to frost is vastly improved.
  • Reduced water / cement ratio for equivalent workability.
  • Diminishing dusting
  • Improves chemical resistance.


The thickness of latex-modified renderings should be restricted to not more than approximately 6mm for each coat.

Greater thickness tends to cause sagging or, in the case of soffits, actual fall off of the unset renderings. However, several coats may be applied in fairly rapid succession; it is sufficient to allow each coat time to set-off adequately to receive the subsequent coating. The time required between coats will vary according to conditions but is typically

15 – 30 minutes. A simple trowelling operation is usually sufficient to achieve a moderately smooth finish. If a smoother surface is required, the rendering should be floated using a clean steel or preferably wooden float after a suitable interval has elapsed. This interval is usually about 30 min to 1 hour, but is best found by experience.

Technical Data

  • Pack size 1L, 5L and 20L Jerry Cans
  • Viscosity ± 100 cps
  • Density 1.0 g/l
  • Toxicity Non Toxic
  • Fire hazard None
  • Shelf life 6-12 months (dependent on storage conditions)
  • Storage Cool, dry area below 25°C

Properties listed above are for guidance only and not a guarantee on performance.

SB29 Cement Waterproofer PDF